Home-Sewn Pillowcase

Hey there all! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted! Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite projects to make, and that takes hardly any skill (which may be why I like it so much). Pillowcases are one of those things that are made out of simple straight lines and stitches, and once you get the hang of it, you can knock one out in about an hour to an hour and a half. The beauty of this particular pillowcase, is that there are no raw edges, giving it a very finished, clean appearance.


1 yard 100% cotton fabric (27 inches of main fabric, 9 inches for the border) ( I usually shop in the Calico Prints section at the craft store)

1 spool of thread





Step 1: Iron fabric smooth and lay out on a flat surface.

Step 2: Pin both the border piece and the main piece together longways. Right sides go together, with the border piece on the bottom, and the main piece on the top.

Step 3: Roll the main piece into itself until you see the border piece underneath.

Step 4: Bring the border piece up and over the rolled main piece, and pin at the top. Make sure the roll itself is not included in where you’re pinning, because you don’t want it to be stitched in with the pieces.

Step 5: Make a 1/4 inch stitch along where you’ve pinned. 1/4 inch should line up with the edge of your presser foot perfectly. Once you’re done with your stitch, you should have a perfect pocket.

Step 6: Pull the pocket inside out. The result will be the main and border pieces attaching at the top.

Step 7: Iron the seam flat. Make sure that after you iron, the border isn’t curling over the main piece, as it has a tendency to do so. Below are images of it before ironing, and what it should look like after ironing.

Step 8: Fold the fabric in half, right sides out. Pin together the raw side and bottom.

Step 9: Make a second 1/4 inch stitch along those same raw edges that you just pinned.

Step 10: Turn the pillowcase inside-out, and iron it flat. Make sure the corners are all pointed (take a pencil and push them into a point). Also, be sure that the seams are visible by ironing them out. You don’t want the seam to be hidden by folds of fabric.

Step 11: Make a 5/8 inch stitch along that same side edge and bottom. Don’t stitch the folded side, only the one that you’ve been stitching.

Step 12: Last thing you need to do is cut any long, raw threads, then, turn the pillowcase right-side out, and you’re finished! 

This is a super easy project, and it’s awesome for beginners! The best part is that the fabric only gets softer as you clean it, so every use is better and better! Happy sewing!


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