Just Breathe

just breathe

Well everyone, it’s Christmas season!  While it brings out all of the best intentions in me, sometimes it can also bring out the worst attitude and mindset.  I find myself wanting to participate in things such as going to see Christmas lights, Christmas shopping, listening to all of the Christmas music, decorating the house and tree, baking cookies, making an assortment of heavenly goodies, watch my full collection of Christmas movies, wrapping presents, and of course trying to fit in Christmas parties, concerts, and family get togethers.  But add such a long list of wonderful things added to the long list of adulty tasks such as cleaning the decorated house, working full time, taking a sick puppy to the vet, laundry, extra grocery shopping for the mountain of treats I’ve decided it’s necessary to make, winterizing our plants, and on top of it all trying to maintain some sort of fitness routine…breathe…

With everything on the list I become overwhelmed and grumpy about doing the things that I love and complain about not getting to do.  Yet I try to do it all anyways.  I don’t know about you but at the end of the season I am so exhausted…and sad.  I’m sad that I skipped a tradition or concert. I’m sad that in all the madness I never got to appreciate that quiet part of the evening when the only thing on in the house is my tree.  I’m sad that my hubby and I simply didn’t have time to walk the park full of Christmas lights where we had our first date, where he proposed, and where he first saw me in my wedding dress.  I’m sad that I didn’t give an extra hug to one of my family members.  I’m sad because after doing all of the “Christmasy” required things, I somehow missed it.  Of course then I remember that Christmas is not about a to-do list of festivities, but rather a time to invite something so much bigger into our lives.  This in turn makes me feel guilty for having covered the real meaning of Christmas with such trivial things…breathe…
There is simply not enough time to do it all, so don’t stretch yourself thin trying to squeeze it all in.  We have to pick and choose what is actually important to us.  Maybe it means skipping that 3rd kind of Christmas cookie on the list or maybe it means letting the dusting go a few more days.  Maybe I’ll spend less time meticulously wrapping gifts and spend more time writing a special card to that family member or friend that our busy-ness has left by the wayside.  Maybe I’ll turn off the noisy radio and television, full of its advertisements and standards of what the holiday season should look like…and I’ll turn on the kettle, Christmas tree, and carols, and spend time with what matters.  Maybe this year..I’ll breathe.

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