On Mads’ Mind Part 1

Mads' Mind

Mads’ Mind

Have any of you ever had a creative block or felt like you may have run out of things to write about? Well its been a bit like that for me the past few months. There has been so much life happening and for awhile we were unsure of where we would be at right now.

For instance, there were a few months from before Thanksgiving until March that we thought we might be moving to Europe for Sean’s job…yeah crazy right? As scary and crazy as the possibility was, we began to get really excited for all of the possibilities it might have brought for us…namely being able to easily travel around Europe on the cheap. But beyond that it would have given me the opportunity to not have to work and be able to really focus on writing, both blog and possibly try my hand at fiction! The possibility was altogether wonderful and terrifying and it meant that we had to put life on hold for several months…we couldn’t make ANY decisions about ANYTHING! Well after all of that excitement and nervousness, we finally got word that we were not moving to Europe.

Since life had been put on hold, it was really hard to get motivated to getting back on track for DIY projects and writing blog posts.  I got a bit discouraged because we had been so excited about the thought of that huge adventure and the possibility of me being able to write seriously. I guess when we found out that we weren’t moving, it felt like the possibility of running a successful blog was out of reach. All of this led to me throwing an inner (and unnecessary) pity party and I decided to step back a bit…what’s the point in putting hours of effort into posts and pictures and editing if nobody really wants to read or promote the blog anyways? Yeah I sound pretty pitiful right?

I’ll be honest, sometimes the blog life can feel pretty worthless. You feel silly for self-promoting only to be disappointed to see no difference in page views and no difference in the minuscule amount of “cents” we make. But lets not get sucked back into that dark hole…I’ve been there, its not fun. It brings you dangerously close to the self destructing, tail-spinning mental breakdown…you know the kind…ugly crying uncontrollably complete with snot bubbles and drool. No? Just me? Ok moving on…

All that to say, I’ve decided to get back into the saddle for real, but doing things a bit different. You can still expect DIY articles once projects are finished and travel posts from all our adventures, but you can also expect more posts that give you a peek into our lives and progress pictures for inspiration! Basically our THOUGHTS category here on the blog will be getting more attention from me! I really hope you enjoy reading our blog and I hope you enjoy the changes to come! I am super pumped for it!

Mads' Mind

Mads’ Mind

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  1. Mom says:

    I know I’m just your mom, but I think the things you do and the dreams you dream are, well I can’t think of a word that’s quite big enough. I’m sorry you were feeling so down in the dumps, and by the way, shame on you for not crying on your Mom’s shoulder a bit. More importantly, I’m VERY proud of you for saddling up again and moving on. Character building is hard and stinky, but so worth it. Love you sweet

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